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It has been more than a minute.

Been more than 7 Years since the rebellion started. More than decade when I transmuted that hunger and pain and a perception of the world into a plan. Here we are, I am a father, a long time undergraduate, a software developer, a lowkey rapper, grand scale schemer, a mentor and leader.

How did I get here. I rode that wave called life, put all my dealt cards on the table, picked and chose.

Has it been without pain, no. Has it been with laughter and joy, definitely. Would I do it differently…

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What happens when you face a bigger challenge?

Something you have never done before? Something that excites you? Something that excites you? Something that says you are not playing it safe?

What happens then, what rule book do you have to play with?

What you have been taught? It rarely is enough, or is it?

Your savings? how many months can you survive without a source of income?

How fast can you create a new source of income? Will you be homeless in a month?

Fear, fear, fear…We have learnt to associate fear with risk.

But what if you stared…

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You have heard the statement before, “a man and a woman cannot be friends and stay just friends”.

Immature gibberish? or timeless wisdom.

Sure, in some relationships, the female friends of a man might appear to do more harm than they do, but that is a rabbit hole of its own and I am not the authority on that matter.

I am here to profess a simple truth I have learned in life. Whether single, in a new or old relationship, female friends are invaluable.

How so?

Let us be honest, there are things some of us men do not…

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To the grandmothers,mothers, sisters, aunts,long time friends, mothers of our children, lovers and exes. Here is to you, cheers!

To the grandmothers, here is to you, cheers! RIP Wawa.

Wawa is Taita for grandmother.

You were here before we were even conceived or our names thought of, you gave birth to our mothers and their sisters, our aunts. It is because of your unflinching wisdom in the ways of discipline and child upbringing that we had our behinds flogged mercilessly but with love.

It is because of you that we knew about God through the teachings you passed down to…

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How to write maintainable code & why — you have settled down and you are as many like to say, in the zone. The problem that needs to be solved is clear in your head, you know what, why and how. Line after line you write, and it works! How many of your days are filled with this kind of work, new, productive, creative and satisfying work?

How many of your days in a month do you spend refactoring code, fixing someone else’s bugs or trying to understand just what in this green earth the other party(It could be you)…

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Have you decided? The kind of man you want to be? Not professionally, no?

Have you created a timeless standard for yourself? That will be the driving force 10, 20 years from now, when you are teaching your sons and daughters what is expected of them and they ask you why? Will you resort to “because I said so or will this be an opportunity for you to instill wisdom and pass on the lesson that you learned, you have to decide who you want to be.

Ladies and gentlemen, a story.

The boy had a name, his name was…

Assess your software development life-cycle model

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DevOps DevOps DevOps

You and your team are ready to learn DevOps and implement the tools, practices, culture.

You even have a learning plan.

But, what led you here? Is it the promise that you can deliver value faster?

Why did it attract you? Why did you not choose to say no, not now, not yet.

Sure, DevOps is great. Deliver value.

But before you go into shaking up your team ,setting up sprints and what not, how do you clarify what will work for you and what will not?

First, assess your software…

A gift so great, yet on its own… a different tale altogether

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is an interesting read, no, even more than that it is a thought provoking read

Two chapters in particular stood out for me, The trouble with geniuses, part 1 and 2.

Malcolm ends the chapter with the words that no one ever made it alone. And that is what we forget. What happens to the lone wolf?
What happens to the kid who can not, yet, speak for himself and respectfully challenge authority?

Often we brush off kids and others of our age or perhaps…

The painful side of being creative and innovative - seeing someone else implement your ideas

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And all you are left with is a husk of what could have been, such pain. Rage has no place here, just a placating emptiness. You blame people, other people, for not believing in you. For not giving you the chance, for putting you down.

Some, you say are idiots.

But can’t escape that I am responsible for self actualization.

Today I got hit with such a blow. Something I have had in my head for over a year now, saw it somewhere, being implemented.

of Girls, the waste of manly days and investments

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Proverbs 31:3, and I quote,

Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings.

So, you know that thing, where it seems like as if God or the universe(if that is your cup of tea) is trying to tell you something?

If you have read the tale of a boy named Santiago, in the famous book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, then you read about a thing called Omens and personal legends.

In the book, the alchemist tells Santiago that omens try to…

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