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How To Stay Abreast The Ever Changing World of Tech | Day 2/150

Today I pose to you a very simple question. In this era of information, how do you stay abreast with new information being published every hour? The rate at which scientific discoveries are being made and changes in tech are done is almost exponential. Oh what a beautiful time to live in. Ignorance is no longer bliss.

Why? | Start with the fundamentals

You should have better defined goals of the process. Do you want to trade up a job? Master a new technology for that sensei feeling? Are you a life long learner? To start and finish a particular project? Better defined your goals establish among other things, ease of metrics to track progress and aid in self motivation.

The recursive loop of metamorphosis | Life long learners who strive for mastery of their craft

Mastery of a technology or a stack is a never ending process that is best referred to as a metamorphosis loop. With 5 key components

  1. Move your feet (Do) | Mastery is a participatory endeavor. In as much as one may be buried in tomes of research, action is inevitable or so will be the obsolesce of your skill.
  2. Solving problems | The primary purpose of skill acquisition is for creating solutions. More problems solved means a repertoire of experiences and thought processes that can be recalled and brought forth at a moments notice, to solve a new problem with familiar parts.
  3. No speed limit | Sonic the hedgehog? Flash The sloth? Whatever tickles your fancy, take your time or don’t. Its all up to you.
  4. Mentors | Seek a seasoned professional, someone whose characteristic you admire. Is it their work ethic, their innovative approach to problem solving? Then, be coachable. Soak in seasoned wisdom. Be better.
  5. Teach others | Nothing says mastery as much as breaking down a concept to the fundamentals to a colleague and the neighbor’s 6 year old kid alike with both of them grasping the full extent of whatever mumbo-jumbo you recently regurgitated.

Cognitive acceleration

Do you ever feel sluggish in the brain? Even when attempting to dive deep into something you know you are passionate about? Truly passionate? So how do you plug in to the zone and live life on the fast lane?

  1. Set the scene | Amat Victoria Curam, victory loves preparation
  2. Identify the challenge | What do you need to do?
  3. Brainstorm/Work | Let Loose
  4. Have a plenary | Meta cognition — Know the train of thought that brought you to solution and bridge the thoughts to create maximum learning impact


Learning and memory are brain functions whose performance is directly correlated to the quality and amount of sleep you get.

Sleep is important to remove toxins that were created during awake hours, whose accumulation renders learning rather difficult.

Memory is built over time. Mastery of skill requires instantaneous recall. For the brain to build proper neural pathways, sleep is necessary.

So, get those hours of quality and sound Zzz!

Rapid Skill Acquisition

  1. Get the tools | Do you need an editor? A cheat sheet? A book perhaps? Or a parrot to regurgitate what you just told it. Have all that you need within an arm’s reach to ensure maintenance of train of thought.
  2. Deconstruct the skill | Skim over the material. What minor components form the sum? The whole? What are the step by step instructions to perform a particular skill?
  3. Learn enough to self-correct | Be that good that you are in a class of your own, tutoring and learning; self and by.
  4. Reduce practice barriers | What hinders you from putting in the hours of practice? Know them, set them aside and do some deep work.
  5. Practice for hours | Forget the 1000 hour rule. Diligently practice with spaced repetition.

The three suns model | A fire proof way to stay relevant

Acquire skill | Stay Motivated | Network


Have an inventory of the resources you are using. blogs? Podcasts? Be aware of the food for thought that you consume and notice the trends that are casually mentioned while staying in touch with the culture.

Schedule your learning time. Routine has its place, and this is it.

Dead time! | Use it effectively! We all have moments where we are traditionally incapacitated to do meaningful work, unless you work in transport. We spend a big chunk of our time in traffic or travelling from one place to another. This is dead time, listen to a tutorial or a podcast. Make every minute count!

DO!!! DO!!! DO!!!




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Makavura Mughanga

Makavura Mughanga

Software Developer and writer. Buy me a coffee

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