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Cultivate your personal strengths using Gallup tools| ALC Day 8/150

Character strengths, what are yours and how can you build up on them? What are your top 5 natural strengths? Gain greater professional and personal success by building up on your strengths rather than continually trying to strengthen your weaknesses. Find greater opportunities to achieve.

Be it at your workplace, as a team lead, team player, stakeholder or in your personal life.

Strength based psychology

What are your weaknesses? I bet you already have a list. In as much as you may cringe upon that moment of truth and confession about them. What you focus on, you multiply.

Herein comes strength based psychology. Identify your key strengths, better recognize your areas of opportunity based off your innate natural talents. Let your strengths lead you.

Before you begin, I introduce you to a book, Now, Discover your strengths. Here is a quick breakdown. There are two fundamental lies we’ve told ourselves and still do. These flawed perspectives have creeped their way into workplaces. One, everyone can learn and master to be competent at anything. Two, The areas of your greatest improvement are in your weaknesses. Here is the paradigm shift, based on two truths that highly contrast our aforementioned way of thinking. Your talents are enduring and unique. your greatest room for improvement lies in your strengths.

Strength based psychology ascertains that when we cultivate our thoughts and beliefs around what we are innately strong in, we liberate ourselves into becoming more of who we are. The opposite of this is what we have been institutionalized to do, being painstakingly aware of our weaknesses and of those around us which leads to loops of clouding insecurities and incessant comparison.

Approach life with new meaning, fine tuned focus, more confidence in self and your abilities abilities to achieve. if you allow your strengths to lead your life, they will direct you to the quickest routes of towards new and meaningful opportunities for change and growth.

Through their systematic studies of excellence, the Gallup institute have identified 34 dominant innate human strengths and abilities. Gallup’s strength finder 2.0 is a tool fine tuned with years of research to help identify your 5 dominant tools.

Identify your dominant strengths

Be still and allow your mind to connect with what feels most real to you. Reflect, review and learn. Remember, strengths are innate natural talents that when developed, become strengths. Observe.

What comes to you effortlessly? Think back to a time when you succeeded and you feel as though your strengths were at play. What about when you failed at something? Were you drawing from your dominant strengths? If self reflection is hard because your strengths are your daily undertakings and after years of life they seem ordinary, ask for the input of someone close, a friend, a sibling or a partner.

You can also search Gallup strength center and find out through a survey.

Understand your strengths | Balconies and basements and leadership domains

When you show up strong, utilizing an individual strength, the balcony is what the outcome looks like. On the other side is tapping into our strengths in an unhealthy manner without being self aware, the strengths show up poorly, as each has an associated concerning behavior attached…you guessed it right, the basement . Domains are associated strengths that fall under a single umbrella.

The sweet 34

Achiever, activator, adaptability.

Achievers have a constant need for attainment and possess a great deal of stamina. Activators get energies catalyzed and turn ideas into action. Adaptability people live in the moment. The basement? Being perceived as directionless, indecisive and inconclusive.

Analytical, Arranger and Belief

The analytical will challenge you to prove it. Arrangers seek dynamic work environments with very little routine. The basement? Irritation by routine and being unable to perform or focus in highly monotonous situations. Belief is about strong enduring principles by which believers live by. This can manifest as stubbornness in the basement.

Command, communication and competition

Commanders, like to take charge. Communicators bring ideas to life. Competitors measure progress against others.

Connectedness, consistency and context.

People who live by connectedness believe that everyone is part of something larger. Those of consistency feel a strong urge to treat everyone the same. Context is about retrospective viewpoints.

Deliberative, Developer, Discipline.

Deliberative individuals approach life with caution as if it were a minefield and tend to be deliberate with where they step. Their balcony is planning ahead and their basement is that they may seem to be slow to act due to being overly cautious. Developers are genuine individuals and great teachers who may at times look like spectators. This can prove detrimental where they overlook themselves in an effort to help others. Discipline is all about precision. Not necessarily neatness and being tidy but effective planning.

Empathy, Focus, Futuristic

People who have a strong empathy theme tend to be great at building relationships and giving emotional voices t those around them. They are trustworthy. Focus | These are known to filter through the noise and get their goals done. Goals serve as their life compass. Futuristic individuals love to peer over the horizon, great visionaries. They provide great strategic leadership with the ability to inspire others as they paint a vivid emotional picture of the future. They may seem as individuals who lack practicality to others.

Harmony, Ideation, Includer

Individuals with the harmony team value peace and togetherness with a preference for emotional balance and practicality and may seem passive aggressive to some. Ideation — spontaneous, creative…pursue ideas with a blazing hunger. Can look at a concept, flip it over and view it with a new angle previously not thought of. May be slow to focus and lack a follow through. Includers are by default keenly aware of others and will ensure that all are included.

Individualization, input, intellection.

Intuitive at grasping the unique qualities of an individual,they hate generalization. This makes people with the individualization theme great team builders. Input theme crave information. Very curious, resourceful and knowledgeable. Intellection individuals are great problem solvers, intelligent solid thinkers that may seem as a loner and may delay action.

Learner, Maximizer, positivity

Learners crave knowledge and may show up later in life with unique experiences and can be a catalyst for change. Quick to change and may be slow in producing results and may be impatient with others seeming like a know-it-all. Maximizers are great at bringing the best in others and matching them with a work-talent, they however might show resistance when someone else tries to get them well rounded. They are influential leaders. Positivity. Generous with praise, quick to smile.

Relator, responsibility, restorative

Relators find satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a common goal. Solid, genuine and seeking mutually rewarding friendship, they,a seem as very forgiving. Prone to cliques and seeming to favor tose they know, they may have trouble networking. Those with a responsibilty theme take full ownership for what they commit to. May struggle to delegate. Restorative individuals are great executors and pick up projects that others will walk away from.

Self assurance, significance

Self-assured individuals have unyielding faith in own strengths and abilities. They can lead a group through uncertainty and may be seen as stubborn and over confident. Significance themed people are impactful and independent, always striving to be exceptional and the reward that comes with it.

Strategic, woo

Strategic individuals see direction where others cant declutter. Woo themed people are extroverted,people oriented fellas who wanna win you over.

Here we are at the end. A few words to close this article. Maximize our strengths and navigate around your weaknesses. Sorround yourself with others to complement your weaknesses. Maximize strength for greater success. Improve relationships by understanding other’s strengths. Align your responsibilities with your strengths to find success.

All in all, believe. You got this. Find yourself and run with it. Cheers 😊

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